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The new technologies and processes in Building Information Modelling (BIM) can lead to increased productivity and improved asset management across Australasia. As developments continue in the digital built environment, the BIM Advisory Board continues to provide a coordinated approach to development of BIM practices, standards and requirements through collaboration, education, innovation and simplification.


Leaders from government, industry and academia are partnering to provide leadership on the adoption of BIM and Project Team Integration (PTI). The Australasian BIM Advisory Board is linking industry leaders and expertise from government, industry and academia, and promoting best practice and consistent approaches to BIM practices, standards and requirements. The Chair of the Board, Mr Michael Green said, “BIM adoption is on the rise and the Board believes that it will be business as usual in the foreseeable future”. “It’s estimated that Australia will spend around $207 billion on construction in 2016/17. By working together, government, industry and academia can maximise the value of BIM to deliver improved efficiencies and increased innovation in the management, design, construction and operational phases of a built asset.”


Chair of the Board, Mr Green, said that the Board is focusing on two priority projects, “At our August meeting, the valuable work of the Board’s Technical Groups was given the ‘green light’ to further support the consistent approach to the adoption of BIM across jurisdictional boundaries.”

  1. Asset Information Requirements (AIR): will provide an essential foundation to assistance to the Australasian construction industry by creating a common framework and language for everyone involved in the construction process. ABAB AIR Guide now available Click on 'LEARN MORE'.

  2. BIM Process Consistency: will identify and promote which BIM elements should be consistent across Australasia to ensure the optimisation of BIM benefits and therefore eliminate waste in construction practices. BIM Process Consistency Report now available. Click on 'LEARN MORE'

A number of other projects are planned, including a common set of principles for BIM strategies across Government, and clarifying BIM roles and responsibilities.

The outputs from these projects will help the construction industry navigate through the new technologies and systems, to ensure that the benefits of BIM are realised in construction projects.

For more information on these projects, click the link below.



22 February 2019 The Advisory Board’s 2019 program continues its leadership and coordination role in the consistent adoption of Building…


The National BIM Portal, maintained by NATSPEC//Construction Information, contains documents, tools and other resources useful to those interested in implementing BIM. All content is accessible for free.


The BIM Advisory Board was established by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), together with the key standard-setting bodies, NATSPEC, buildingSMART and Standards Australia. The Board has evolved from a previous APCC–ACIF collaboration established in 2015 on a BIM Summit. This Summit produced a number of resources, including a guide to the adoption of BIM. Two recent Australian Government reports (SmartICT and Australian Infrastructure Report) recommended an integrated approach between government, industry and researchers for the development of BIM in Australia. As seen overseas, a coordinated approach delivers benefits. The UK Government identified that its BIM Level 2 Initiative was a significant contributor to the £840 million savings achieved on its public spend in 2013/14, and on its £1.2 billion savings in 2014/15.


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