ABAB October 2023 Forum Communique

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board Meeting: Reviewing Milestones and Metrics for Success

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB) held its final meeting for 2023 on 25 October. ABAB, reflected on the year’s accomplishments and considered a path for its ongoing future success. During the meeting, members delved into key milestones and publications, further refining ABAB’s success metrics while exploring opportunities to enhance Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering (DE) skills among the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.

The meeting acknowledged strides made in harmonising BIM and DE practices, particularly through the September 2023 launch of the ABAB Guide “Harmonisation of Building Information Modelling and Digital Engineering Services Procurement.” This guide seeks to simplify the procurement of BIM and DE services.

ABAB received an update from Standards Australia regarding its in draft ‘Digital Engineering: Planning the Common Data Model,’ exemplifying the importance of collaboration across the Australasian building and construction sector.

ABAB anticipates the release of the ‘ABAB BIM Benefits Metrics’ by the end of the year. “The ABAB BIM Benefits Metrics demonstrates the value that a consistent adoption of a BIM Strategy or Policy can provide to industry. To invest with confidence, industry needs certainty and consistency,” said Andrew Curthoys, ABAB Chair and representative of the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC).

Focusing on standardisation throughout Australasia, NATSPEC CEO, Richard Choy, also provided valuable insights into essential National BIM Documents, emphasising the importance of open global standards, Industry Foundation Classes, the NATSPEC BIM Properties Generator, the NATSPEC National BIM Guide, and the ABAB Asset Information Requirements Guide. The presentation underscored the significance of consistency and alignment with global standards, including ISO19650. These materials are freely accessible at Australasian BIM Advisory Board and BIM.

During the meeting, ABAB reviewed survey data which provided a deeper understanding of leading publications and standards utilised in government tenders and contracts. The ABAB meeting reviewed the success metrics established at the beginning of the year, noting progress through 2023. The metrics provide vital information about BIM adoption and capability, enabling ABAB to measure, monitor, and track progress effectively. The full survey data will provide valuable insights into opportunities which will amplify the benefits of BIM adoption and help establish its 2024 priorities.

Members also discussed the challenges and opportunities in upskilling BIM professionals. “Upskilling and training BIM professionals with expertise is foundational in elevating maturity and productivity in the construction sector” Andrew Curthoys said.

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board’s recent meeting highlights its commitment to driving the consistent adoption of BIM across the Australasian building and construction sector. “This important work does not occur without the ongoing support of industry peak bodies, all jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand and the ongoing commitment to harmonisation and standardisation” Andrew said.

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board established by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), together with the key standard-setting bodies, NATSPEC, buildingSMART and Standards Australia, promotes best practice and consistent approaches to BIM practices, standards, and requirements.  ABAB guidance materials are available at: www.ABAB.net.au


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