ABAB June 2023 Forum Communique

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board meeting to progress its agenda on driving consistent approaches to digital enablement

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB) held its second meeting for 2023 on May 25. Continuing the momentum of its successes, members focused discussions on harmonisation and standardisation, measures to track adoption and capability of digital enablement in the built environment and asset management data standards.

Harmonisation and standardisation are critical processes that align data structures and processes used in the construction industry that flow into all sectors of the asset lifecycle for information management. “ABAB is positioned to promote and support harmonisation and continues to work to lead and guide government and supply chains for the creation and operations of built assets” said Andrew Curthoys, ABAB Chair and representative of the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC).

The objective of this initiative is to develop a high-level strategic scope for harmonisation and standardisation. This involves creating strategic principles that will align approaches being undertaken across industry and governments. “Improving harmonisation and standardisation will help leverage the cultural shift towards assigning tangible value to data,” Andrew said. “Furthermore, there is great potential for enhancement and scalability of benefits from implementation of harmonisation and standardisation across organisations”.

Success metrics were another pivotal discussion at ABAB’s second meeting. To define its success, ABAB has agreed to a set of metrics that will gather valuable data on BIM adoption and capability, allowing ABAB to measure, monitor and track. The metrics aim to provide essential insights to identify areas of growth and maximise the benefits of BIM adoption. “The data will enable ABAB to identify organisational success, trends, knowledge gaps, and areas for improvement,” Andrew said.

Asset management data standards underpins digital enablement in the built environment. Various data standards are used for asset management across different industries. These standards help facilitate the exchange of information, promote best practices, and ensure consistency in asset management. An open discussion was held covering Digital Engineering – Introducing the Common Data Model. “This was an opportunity to drive consistent Australasian asset management data standards for managing digitally-enabled assets,” remarked Andrew”.

As part of ABAB’s commitment to take an Australasian leadership role in the adoption of digital enablement in the built environment, in the coming months, two ABAB initiatives will be released:

  • BIM Benefits Metrics
  • Procuring Digital BIM Services

The Australasian BIM Advisory Board established by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), together with the key standard-setting bodies, NATSPEC, buildingSMART and Standards Australia, promotes best practice and consistent approaches to BIM practices, standards, and requirements.  ABAB guidance materials are available at: www.ABAB.net.au


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