Asset Information Requirements (AIR)

The goal of the ABAB Asset Information Requirements (AIR) Project is to provide guidance for clients, their agents and lead consultants on formulating and defining their asset information requirements for building and infrastructure projects they are planning.

Clearly defined asset information requirements are an essential prerequisite for clients to receive the asset information they need to make key business decisions about the project, and manage the asset when complete. They allow consultants and contractors to define their scope of services more accurately and with greater certainty, resulting in fee proposals or quotations with lower built-in contingency costs. Clearly defined AIRs can also be used to validate the information delivered.

The proposed AIR Guide will focus on defining deliverables relevant to asset management and facility management (AM/FM) activities including digital asset data typically found in an asset register, documents and as-built models. The Guide will outline key concepts and principles applicable to defining AIRs, and provide information to support decision making and priority setting during the process.

Completed December 2018

Download ABAB AIR Guide


BIM Process Consistency

The goal of the ABAB BIM Process Consistency project is to identify and document which client BIM-related elements should be consistent across Australasia. Sharing of practices and templates will drive consistency and create standard practices. Other objectives include identifying what can and cannot be consistent across Australian State Agencies, and consider scalability to accommodate different size projects.

The focus of the project report is on information requirements and contract documentation. It is based on a review and analysis of the contents and scope of existing BIM Standards defined by participating State Agencies.

Completed November 2018

Download ABAB BIM Process Consistency Report